Facilitating EU market access for non-EU countries


With its 500 million consumers, the EU is a very attractive market place for exporters of agri-food products.


Arcadia International E.E.I.G. offers a comprehensive service package to help non-EU exporters access the EU market. We provide expert advice for each step of the exporting process.


Access to and economic success in the EU market very much depend on the skilful management of regulatory provisions governing food safety, quality and consumer information. A full grasp of the relevant regulatory requirements and challenges is essential to design from the start an export strategy that is successful and viable in the long run.


Whilst the EU market benefits from harmonised legislation and no tariffs apply to intra-EU trade, the EU regulatory landscape applicable to the agri-food chain is probably the most demanding worldwide. EU procedures are complex, burdensome and, as a result, compliance costs can be quite high for exporters who are not prepared. On the other hand, the EU is actively promoting international trade of agri-food products by negotiating bilateral and multilateral international agreements with key commercial partners, which should increase export opportunities.


At each step of the exporting process, Arcadia experts work with you to provide you all the necessary information, guidance, training, process engineering or project management by designing tailor-made solutions.